Although Serbia has the formal characteristics of a democracy, over the past decade it has in practice ceased to be one. Today, Serbia does not meet the criteria to be ca­tegorized as a democratic society. The study shows negative trends in all areas that are important for democratic functioning. Above all, what makes this obvious is the absence of the minimum precondition for a democratic order - free and fair electi­ more


Within each chapter, we have defined several long-term trends for each of the areas and gave assessments as to how those trends influence the quality of democracy.


Recommendations defined within chapters offer some of the solutions to the key problems in each of the areas, and and shed light on the future of democracy in Serbia in the decade to come.

Always standing by democracy

As a civil society organization dedicated to developing the political culture and civic activism, at the very core of CRTA’s mission and all our efforts lies a tireless fight for advancing democracy in Serbia. Through “Undermining Democracy”, we wanted to take a deeper look at the decade behind us, recognize the crucial moments that shaped, or are to this day shaping the reality we live in, and, as much as possible, offer a roadmap for strengthening democratic institutions and forces in our more